Introduction to our Rooms

We have made a conscious effort to maintain the original layout of the house and whenever possible the materials of its original construction. The rooms of the upper level have high ceilings and present views into the garden and the surrounding farmland, while the ones of the lower level enjoy the cool temperatures that only the thick stone walls and the proximity to the ground of traditional stone-built homes offer.

Because of the symmetry of the original structure and the fact that most internal walls are load-bearing, the four large rooms of the upper floor and the three of the lower do not have significant size differences. The only thing that changes from room to room is the orientation and whether the room has a balcony. The size that the smaller rooms lack, they make it up with their charm and their double beds.

With the rennovations in 2005 and 2006 we tried to bring guests' comfort to current standards, while keeping the original appearance and feel of the house. We improved sound insulation while keeping the original wooden floors, added antique furniture, new beds with orthosomatic mattresses and top-mattresses, redid the bathrooms with replicas of the original early 1900's tiles and bathroom fittings.


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Room Types

Room 1 :
Located in the northeast corner, offers views into the garden and the orchard.

AlindaMay03 081   room1-2  room1-3


Room 2 :
This is a favorite of longtime guests, who occasionally plan their stay around its availability. It has windows on the north and the west side of the house and a very small yet charming private balcony hidden in an acacia.

room2-1  room2-2  


Room 3 : 
This is a bright but cozy and romantic room with a double bed facing west




Room 4 : 
This room faces south onto the small vineyard and west, and like room #2 has a small balcony. It is furnished with a queen-sized bed and an antique sleigh bed. It is bright and airy.



Room 5 and 6 : 
Our favorite is the #5-6 suite.  It includes the octagon-shaped room #6 in the "tower" like structure and the spacious room #5. Room #6 was added to the south-east corner of the house sometime around 1930. The windows on three of its walls make it particularly bright and airy and one can see the garden while lying on its queen-size brass bed. Room #5 offers views to the south onto the small vineyard.  Access to the shower/wc is from room #5. It is a favorite choice for many honeymoon couples.  

room56-1   room56-2  room56-3   room56-4room56-7   room56-6   room56-1


Room 7 : 
Located in the lower level is ideal for guests who require cooler surroundings .

Room 7



Room 8 : 
Located downstairs this room is spacious and cool. It has a charming alcove with three windows that can be used as a couch or third bed.

room 8   room8-3   room 8   Room 8


Room 9 and 10 : 
These are suite room located in the ground floor alternative to the #5-6 suite. Its spaces are identical to the ones upstairs, but the layout is more like a bedroom-sitting room combination and has the immediacy of the garden. It can also comfortably sleep 4 guests, with wc/shower access from room #9

Room 9 and 10   room910-2   room910-3   room910-4   room910-5   room910-6